A couple of months back I was ready for SPRING!

But if you remember, January and February were anything but warm, balmy weather. Regardless I needed an escape and well, if that came via kit design then so be it.

As I sat at my desk, my mind drifted to exactly one year prior. My husband and I were busy visiting the beautiful South Beach area of Miami, drinking Coronas by the beach and feeling the warm, soft sand between our tootsies. Ever since then, I think I’ve had a little Art Deco inspiration dying to make its debut. And thus, Cabanarama was born!

I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the different versions of this kit. There have been cards, tags, even a blog design! It’s fun to see when designers take a kit and truly make it their own. Here are a few of my favorite LOs!

The lovely Nicole LeBlanc created another beautiful layout of her son using my Cabanarama kit. I love the orange highlights she incorporated into this page–not to mention all of the textures. Nicole captured exactly what I was thinking when I made this kit!

2Peas Creative Team member Barb Hogan created this layout called “What’s the Deal?” You know when you have those “I wish I would have thought of that!” moments?! Well, I have to tell you I really love how creative Barb was in this design–stacking the papers was such a fantastic idea!! 

Alright, I’ve got to give some props to 2Peas Creative Team designer Karen *C, who spends her days across the pond coming up with amazing design ideas! This lady has some serious talent and can make anything out of anything! Case in point, this design, called Holiday Thanks.

I have no idea how long it must have taken Karen to make those little flowers on the front–but, all I can say is WOW. Karen, you are one creative lady!

Thank you to everyone who uses my kits and creates something that is a part of who they are. Whenever I see these layouts, I can see creativity, talent, and a little piece of the designer come shining through. And really, at the end of the day, isn’t that what digi-scrapping is all about? : )


I thought I’d take a quick moment to highlight some GREAT layouts using my kits. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but better late than never, right? : )

First up is a gorgeous layout by Superior Pea called “Brother & Sister Love.”

I really love how soft this layout feels. The photo and the beautiful green and tan colors work exceptionally well together. In this particular layout, Superior Pea used a few elements from my Willow Tree kit.  So, so pretty!!

I just absolutely love designs by Two Peas Creative Team member Barb Hogan, so when I saw her “Ugly Dolls” design using my Sunshine Day Quickpages, I immediately fell in love! Barb made these quickpages her own, adding additional elements from the Sunshine Day kit.

Alright, next up is Two Peas Garden Girl Jennifer Gallacher. For her “Mini Album a Month” class, Jen used my Sunshine Day Quickpages.


If you can’t already tell by the preview image, her album is a MUST VIEW! Click on the image to check out the rest of her gorgeous pages!

Speaking of talented 2Ps Garden Girls, Erica Hernandez featured my freebie kit, “Holiday Party” in her Digi101 class. Who doesn’t love free kits and digiscrapbooking ideas?? Click the image for some ideas and if you haven’t already picked up this freebie kit, click here!

WOW! Has it been a LONG time since I’ve had a chance to write a new post!

Well, you will all be happy to see that, despite the fact I’ve definitely been on a post hiatus, at least I’ve got some fantastic news! That’s right, it’s a FREEBIE KIT! Woohoo!

Before I get to the freebie, I thought I’d do a little PR for my newest kit, “Little Bots” available at Two Peas.

Check out this fantastic digital layout by Nicole LeBlanc. I had a great time making this kit–all of the vibrant colors and the gears, it was just a total blast!

 Alright, so let’s cut to the chase. It’s time to unveil my newest freebie digital scrapbooking kit—Boho Chic available at Two Peas!     

Just like with most of my kits, this was a fun exploration in something new and fun. I particularly enjoy the “paisley” feel of the papers–with just a touch of bohemian style. All around, just a fantastic freebie digital kit!    


Take a quick moment to check out my kits and Two Peas and don’t forget to pick up Boho Chic! You’ll be happy you did!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ve been a little MIA on the blog-scene, but you know how the holidays can be—it’s hard to find extra time for shopping, giftwrapping, baking, and of course scrapping! To thank my customers and scraptastic friends, I’m releasing a freebie holiday kit!      

Before I get to the freebie, I thought I’d do a quick recap of a couple of my newest kits. Trust me, it’s worth it! : )      


Inspired by all of my holiday shopping, I came up with “Homespun Holiday“. I absolutely adore the bingo card and can’t wait to see it in action!      

mj.johnson, one of Two Peas talented creative team members, designed this adorable card! So beautiful!       

"Warm Wishes" by mj.johnson

A couple weeks ago our area was hit with a 36-hour blizzard. Although I ‘love’ Northern living, I miss the summer sun. What’s worse, instead humming “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”, the only song I had in my head was “Sunshine Day” by the Brady Bunch–definitely not the best inspiration when you’re trying to design kits with snowmen and mittens in them. Check out the beautiful pages created by our Two Peas Creative Team…        


 Two Peas Creative Team member Alice W. made this super-cute card!  
Happy Birthday! by Alice W.

"Happy Birthday!" by Alice W.

And Two Peas Creative Team member Holly Koenigsfeld made this happy layout!      

 "It's a Sunny Day!" by Holly Koenigsfeld
What’s more, I couldn’t help myself either—I made some quick pages with this kit too. Nothing better than bright colors on a cold, snowy day! Click the link for even more layout ideas—you’ll be amazed at what all of the talented ladies at Two Peas have created with these quickpages! I was! : )
Alright! So here’s what you’ve been waiting for! A holiday freebie kit!
This freebie has 11 festive papers, frame, stamp, and a few other elements certain to be the life of the party on any scrapbook page.
Click here to download this freebie kit—and have a wonderful holiday season!!!
Thanks for stopping by! ; ) 


In celebration of my shiny, new nephew I decided to make a fun kit filled with super cute animals this week! Can you smell the baby powder oozing out of this kit?!

Truth be told, this was a nice departure for me since I usually base my personal designs around the two, four-legged, furry girls that wander our house. I bet if you asked any psychologist, this is probably a “healthy” step. : )

The inspiration for this design (outside of my new nephew) came from the color combination—I really liked the muted, non-gender tones and “quiet” feel of the combined elements. Of course, my favorite part are all the hand-drawn animals…and library card.

Since it’s pretty rare that I can look at my final design and say, “Yes! That’s exactly how I imagined it in my mind!”, I really appreciate the finished product! 

Plus I’ll be honest, I was sort of surprised how well I seemed to tap right into the “mom mode”—it left me wondering if my design side has been having secret meetings with my biological clock?!


I’ve still got some living to do, wine to drink, and rows to hoe before I cross that bridge. : )

Since my 2Peas link isn’t working properly this evening, I decided to include an animated preview of some of the kit elements…Click to view better.  

Thanks for looking! ; )

Okay, I have to admit—I’m absolutely in love with these two kits.

I got the idea for “Punky Monkey” a couple months back and have been slowly working on it since. You’d be surprised what a gal can learn designing a punk kit—like what “Emo” means (yeah, I know I’m dating myself here). For those of you playing along at home, in laymens terms “Emo” is a cross between punk and goth—and apparently it’s all the rage because it kept coming up in my internet searches!

Anyway, I just love the bright colors of this kit and my spray painted shapes. Such a cute and punky kit, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! (Special thanks to Amanda Rockwell @ Scrap Orchard for the twine).

Punky Monkey - B.Buffington

 The second kit I created this past week is called “Destination Anywhere.”

You know when you come back from a trip and you can find all sorts of vacation papers, but nothing for those “In Transit” sorts of pictures (say, when you’re at the airport for hours on end). I ran into that problem a lot when I was designing my vacation pages and decided to take matters into my own hands, er, mouse. : ) 

I spent hours and I mean hours painstakingly designing the little treasures in this kit so I’m psyched to see how scrappers will use it! I couldn’t have asked this kit to turn out any better! Enjoy!!! : )

Destination Anywhere - B.BuffingtonSpecial thanks to Sarah Laming @ Sassy, Amy Wolff @ The Lilypad, and Jana McCarthy @ The DigiChick. Thank you ladies!!!



Alright, fun news! I’m posting a freebie kit called “Harvest Fest.”

I made this kit waaaaay back in September (before I started at 2Peas). Now that fall is definitely upon us (and we’re all busy designing our Halloween pages), I thought I’d be a nice time to post this goodie.

Enjoy—and click here to download this freebie kit! Just a heads up, this kit is 100 MB of pure freebie goodness, so be patient. : )

Also, don’t forget to check out the 2Peas Creative Team Call!! If you’re thinking about applying you really should! : )


In true holiday style, I thought I’d bring out the Christmas spirit three days after Halloween. : )

Actually, I have to admit, I had a lot of fun creating “Scrappy Holidays.” I thought I’d try a few different things with this kit—the mint and red color combo and real “whimsy” wire pieces.  I really excited to see the designs that come from this kit!!!


But that’s not all!

One of my favorite things to use—that’s super hard to find—are clear plastic pieces. I’m not sure if other digi scrappers have this same feeling, but hopefully that will be no more because I created an embellishment kit called “Recycled Plastic” and it’s filled with 50 plastic pieces! I’m super excited to see how scrappers use it!


In the meantime, be sure to check out the 2Peas creative call! What’s better than FREE digi kits, eh? ; )


It pays to recycle!

Lots of new kits this week—so I’ll just cut to my favorites! : )

It was my birthday a few weeks back and one of the items I had on my wish list was a Wacom tablet. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s tablet that allows you to draw freehand on the computer.

I’m excited how the plaid paper pattern and frames turned out—so cute and whimsical! When I called my husband into the room to check out my first Wacom kit (and recommend any names he might have) and the first thing he said was “Bumble Tumble.” I thought it was a perfect fit, so there you have it, “Bumble Tumble” available at 2 Peas! (Big thanks to Emily Card @ Scrap Orchard for the bees!)


I also ran across this unique fall color combo and I just had to make something out of it—introducing “Willow Tree.”

This kit is packed with 30 embellishments, a hand drawn alpha (thanks Wacom tablet!) and 24 beautifully coordinated  papers. “Willow Tree” has a lot of unique items you won’t find anywhere else, like the “tag” word art and antique bus ticket. I’m really happy with this kit and I can’t wait to see how it’s used! (Thanks Natalie Braxton @ The Lilypad for the twine!)


Finally, I have one last kit—“Distressed Frames“—a frame mask kit. My beautiful doodles Lola and Violet got to take center stage as my kit preview models. So hey, even if you don’t pick it up, you get to admire the two prettiest doodlebugs around! : )


Thanks so much for stopping by! Don’t forget to check out the 2Peas Creative Team Call! : )

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– Post projects created promoting Two Peas digital designs in the Two Peas gallery, two additional online scrapbook galleries of your choice and your personal blog.

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We can’t wait to hear from you! For consideration, e-mails from interested applicants must be received by Friday, November 13, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Two Peas Digital Creative Team members will be announced on or before Friday, November 20, 2009.

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